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I wanted to work on a project that would help me learn a variety of Cinema 4D techniques while also stretching my creative brain muscles. I talked to Miguel Lee, one of my teachers from ArtCenter, and we came up with an alphabet. Taking the classic 30 days of type, but extending the time limit to allow extra days for learning. 

I wanted each letter to be different and Unique. Each had to feature something new for me to practice in Cinema4D, to be based off of an adjective, and have a different overall "look" compared to the others. I picked adjectives for each letter to start my brainstorming. I thought that a noun would be to spot on. I would be inclined to make an object the word represented. However an adjective would lead to things that were harder to represent. I wanted to challenge mysef in concept and technique. Perfect little loops all to be posted on my instagram to force myself to continue until the very end.

Spiderman: No way Home  



Spiderman: no way home is a movie that is part of the marvel cinematic universe. Imaginary Forces reached out to me with the opportunity to make some illustrations for the Main on End in the movie. Find out more on their website:


I was assigned the task of creating portraits for some of the main characters. The style of the portraits involved detailed pen and pencil work, resembling the skill level of a recent high school graduate. They needed to be intricate and clear, yet intentionally flawed, with pen lines extending off the sides as if sketched by a student in a notebook. The goal was to convey the impression that MJ, one of the main characters, might have drawn them herself.

In addition to the portraits, I also crafted a few smaller sketches, such as Aunt may's glasses, some tiny spidermen, and a donut "only." The remaining illustrations were skillfully produced by other highly talented artists, including Julian Bishop.


Imaginary Forces


Portrait Illustrator


Main on End



Procreate and Photoshop


Portrait Illustration


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