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3D Alphabet |Instagram Posts

I wanted a project that would push my imagination while exploring different aspect of Cinema4D. I decided that the Alphabet would make a great source because of its specific 26 letter range. Each letter could spark creativity with a word, and guide me on a path with an ending in sight. I did not want a cohesive look, but for  each piece

Personal Project 

 to have its own unique look.

Techniques used:

  • Effector:  random, shader, and plain

  • Dynamics: soft body, rigid body, and cloth

  • other: Voronoi fracture, hair, and volume builder

  • Render: Standard and Redshift 

  • materials: metallic, cel, glass, emissive, etc

  • Generators: taper, wind, bend, deformer, etc

Word Choice

I decided that I wanted to use adjectives. I thought that would make it more challenging than nouns. I would not have a physical subject to express in most cases. I found that interesting.

A: Aggressive

B: Bizarre

C: Celestial

D: Decorative

E: Electric

F: Floral

G: Gelatinous

H: hairy

 I : Industrial

J: Juicy

K: Kaleidoscopic

L: Lavender

M: Metalic

N: Nostalgic

O: Oily

P: Plastic

Q: Quiet

R: Rainbow

S: Sweet

T: Tangled

U: Unstable

V: Violet

W: Warm

X: X-Ray 

Y: Yellow

Z: Zig-Zag


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