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I wanted each letter to be different and Unique. Each had to feature something new for me to practice in Cinema4D, to be based off of an adjective, and have a different overall "look" compared to the others. I picked adjectives for each letter to start my brainstorming. I thought that a noun would be to spot on. I would be inclined to make an object the word represented. However an adjective would lead to things that were harder to represent. I wanted to challenge mysef in concept and technique. Perfect little loops all to be posted on my instagram to force myself to continue until the very end.

Surface Design

 Illustration + Surface Design


I made the stamped patterns in a surface design class in school. I carved my own stamps and the repeated the pattern by hand or in illustrator. The digital patterns were made in procreate and illustrator.


The bird bag was made for my aunt who loves to bird watch. Her request was something to remind her of her home in california so I picked birds native to the state. The fox bag was something I made for fun, and the others were class projects.


School and personal projects




Surface Design



Stencil, illustrator, and photoshop

Digital Patterns

Stamped Patterns

Other Projects to Explore

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