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Robert Frost | Book

Project Type | School Project 

Class | Type 3 with Chesley Nassaney

Tools | Photoshop and InDesign

Concept Name |  Melancholy Forest

A Robert Frost book describing his history, and poetry through typography layout and Photoshop drawings. The book is melancholic to describe his slightly depressing, but also nature filled life. A lot of his poetry talks about life through nature whether that be about death, religion, or contemplation.


Robert Frost is a classic American poet who wrote such poems as "The Road Not Taken". He lived a life filled with tragedy, and his poems sometimes reflect this. They give of a very melancholic mood

Book Pages

These were drawn in Photoshop and collected/designed in InDesign.

Moving Illustration

A potential promo material for the book. Could be made into a short instagram post to share to the public.

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