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Recover | C4D Storyboard

Project Type | Personal Project 

Tools | Zbrush, Procreate, AfterEffects, Cinema 4D, and Redshift

Concept Name | Recover

A personal project that I wanted to create from the ground up. My goal is to learn whatever is necessary to make video in my head into playable reality. The idea I wanted to portray is the rose colored masked reality you have in your head until you realize what it is truly like to be an adult. A bit of it is from how overwhelming graduating during Covid has been. The world seems like it is falling apart, but they key is you can fight through it. You can get back up and keep going. Embrace the unknown. Knowing you will succeed.


I spent about two months teaching myself Zbrush and the basics of character rigging, Made the main character of the animation, sketched my concept, created an animatic, brought everything to Cinema 4D to animate. 

Process Video

I went into this project wanting to film different part of the projects to make a process video. A Viewer never really knows the amount of things you did to make a project until you show them. Plus it is fun to make!


I created the illustrations and the story to the song "Too much is Never enough" by Florence + The Machine. The whole story played in my head when I heard it. It was very cathartic.

Story Board 

motion test #1

motion test #2

Character Design

She is somewhat based of me with a whimsical twist.

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