Title | Strawberry Pocky 

Sequence Type | Logo Reveal

Project Type | School Project

Class | Sequential Design 1

Teacher | Elaine Alderette

Tools | Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and Redshift

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Pocky is a Japanese snack of chocolate coated biscuit sticks that come in many flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and banana.  It was named after the Japanese onomatopoetic word pokkin

(ポッキン). The brand name became the sound the food makes when it breaks as you bite down on it. 


Concept Name | A World of Strawberry Flavor

Create an advertisement for Strawberry Pocky expressing their fun and flavorful product. However, the idea is to use it for future flavors as well. Each flavor having the same story, but with different characters representing the flavor. The characters reference the emotion, and taste of the product. The creaminess and light taste of the pocky is represented through the liquid and the bubbles. In the end the strawberry world turns into the product creating a fun misdirect. The last scene is the logo coming out of the sound of the snap. Relating back to pocky being an onomatopoeia.


I created a Photoshop painted sequence with a powers of 10 movement from detailed strawberry environment to pocky stick reveal. A misdirect that connects the charcters to the sweet treat, and logo reveal ending.

Cinema 4D and Redshift

The final animation would be a Cinema 4D animation lit to look like an angelic strawberry landscape. I modeled the characters to have unique personalities to represent the flavor. Like the light taste incorporated in the flying bunny, or the sweet taste represented by the smiling girl.

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