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Strawberry Pocky | Logo Reveal

Project Type | School Project 

Class | Sequential Design 3 with Ara Dejavan

Tools | Photoshop

Concept Name |  Bringing out Your Inner Self

This logo reveal represents how makeup allows the user to bring out their inner personality so others can see it. How makeup is a tool used to talk about ourselves to the world. When you put on Pat McGrath makeup you make your outer self shine with confidence. What makes Pat McGrath makeup different is the designer behind the brand. This concept can be used because she represents confidence, the drive to show your true self to the world, and shine like gold. The flowers blooming are a metaphor for how we come out of our shell and shine. Your personality is powerful and makeup is just an artistic tool that can help express it.


Pat McGRath Labs is a makeup brand created by Pat McGrath.

She is an innovative and influential makeup artist. She makes

quality makeup that is inclusive and beautiful. She calls this brand her "Golden Revolution" and displays sentences like " Makeup is a movement" and "The Power of Transformation" on her website.


I created a Photoshop painted sequence with a powers of 10 movement from detailed strawberry environment to pocky stick reveal. A misdirect that connects the charcters to the sweet treat, and logo reveal ending.

Moving Illustration

A Frame with Movement to add an extra Flare to the presentation.

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