Innovation Animation | Animation Short

Project Type | Internship + Personal

Mentor | Mariya Filipova

Tools | Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects

Voice Over + Script | Ailis O'Reilly 

Concept Name | Innovation Animation

Why I choose to introduce innovation through animation for my internship project:“it can be 22x more memorable than presenting just facts.” because “ evolution has wired our brains for storytelling” and it is a fast easily sharable thing. Attachments can be added to get more information out to the workers, but it also creates excitement.


My problem statement was "Anthem will benefit by creating a safe outlet for the independent ideas of its employees, so that anthem does not miss a potentially business changing idea that could have propelled them ahead of other companies." my solution, for the first step, was a easy to share animation to get people inspired.


I choose to tell the story of alexander Flemming to explain Innovation. I wanted to make it fun and not just a person reading a definition. Something that proves that innovation has happened and that anyone can do it.


I wrote the script and had a couple people review it to make a final. After I had the words I made simplified shapes to represent them. I wanted them curved and friendly. I took inspiration from the studio Ordinary Folk that I admire.

Process Book Pages

I made a couple pages to add to the larger Internship Book were we displayed all of our projects so that future interns could see it.

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