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Innovation | After Effects Animation

Project Type | Internship + personal 

Tools | After Effects, Illustrator, and Audition

Concept Name | You are an Innovator

Why Tell Innovation Through a Story?

“It can be 22x more memorable than presenting just facts.” because “ evolution has wired our brains for storytelling” (Wirebuzz company). 

By telling a story with relatable and compelling characters and narratives we are able to engage the audience to listen and consider far more than with another power point.


This Summer I was tasked with solving two Problems:

“ How to encourage an Innovative Culture at Anthem”


“How could Anthem have an Innovation Awards”

The first part of the process was to research and identify what exactly innovation is. Then find the best method to introduce and explain the concept. This research led me to understand the power of storytelling. I decided to use my animation skills to create a fun, engaging, and approachable way to show the power of innovation. I believe that animation can be leveraged in many ways to excite, engage and encourage people. 


This is the updated version of the animation I made at my internship

Process Book

My entire process during my internship. From start to finish.

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