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Flushing Fear | Animation Short

Project Type | Group Project/ School

Class | Sequential Design 3 with Miguel Lee

C4D Generalist and Motion Designer | Tiffany Shen

Illustrator and Motion Designer | Ailis O'Reilly

Concept Name | Flushing Fear

Fear comes from within. When you fight back you discover the reality you are living in was not as terrifying as you thought. You dis-cover you are strong. You discover a part of yourself. We want to show a sanctuary of the mind, the bathroom, that is filled with fear in the beginning. Throughout our sequence, the fear grows and consumes the bathroom. Finally, light breaks into the room and conquers the fear, allowing the scene to break free from the fears and find peace.


Why a Bathroom?

Bathrooms are a place of vulnerability. 
Represents the vulnerable state we are in when we are scared. Bathrooms are a place of relaxation.
Represents the peace after overcoming fear


A single drop falls and represents the start of fear. It hits the sink and the fear takes over the room. This represents how fear can be overwhelming. The environment changes and fear stares at the viewer. However, you can always fight fear. The fear goes back into the sink leaving behind a normal bathroom. Fear always is there, but it also can always be defeated


All the frames in an organized look that could be presented to a client.

Bathroom Photography

Me and my teammate took pictures of our bathrooms in order to explore our idea and get the concept figured out.