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Fear to Success | Logo Reveal

Project Type | School Project 

Class | Motion Design 2 with Miguel Lee

Tools | | Illustrator, Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Redshift

Concept | The Journey from Fear, to Hope, and to success

This was a personal animation project that incorporated the tactile and technological in Cinema 4D. The sequence Starts in the depths of the ocean and continuously moves out until the camera reaches the surface. The bottom of the ocean represents fear, The green area represents the idea of hope, and the end is multicolor to represent success. It is my journey from shyness in high school, to growing in college, and then continuing on my journey after graduation.


A midterm project with a simple brief. We were required to create a three stage self Portrait animation. Can use any program to result in a moving short, but has to be personal and unique to you


I used Redshift to get the lighting to change over time. To make darkness and creepy shadows turn into multi color lights and a sunset. I wanted the shadows and colors to tell a story as well as the extruded illustrations.


Every section of the sequence is made up of multiple thin extruded shapes. Sometimes the complexity gets lost in the animation, but by looking at the stills you can see my illustration line work more clearly.


Above I have some of the illustrator files I used to then transfer over into Cinema 4d to extrude an light.

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