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Concept Name | Electric Flower

There is a sort of hip nature vibe throughout the marketing with a lot of bright color and visuals. The set designs and look of the festival itself was what inspired me most. It looks vibrant and enchanting. I wanted my poster to have the sense of nature while also being “electric” with an almost modern art nouveau feel. I drew roots that created the typography, and the design of the entire piece. 


This started as a Poster design to promote Electric Forest an electric dance music festival that is unique due to its location being set in a forest in Rothbury, Michigan. The music in this EDM event is centered on electric music, but also some rock, indie, and folk. I later added on the rest of the branding as a personal assignment.


An advertisement that could be played through YouTube. (Song "Rouge" by Tokimonsta and Live action film from the Electric Forest website)


I wanted a flower to be the source of energy that would light up the poster and typography. This would reference the set design of the festival.


Poster Process

I Explored different compositions, typography, and flower designs before landing on the design above.


Poster Comps

Some Comps of the poster in the real world that I made in photoshop.


Logo Design

I took the font "Jeanne Moderno OT" and manipulated it in a kaleidoscopic grid. This grid was used in order to make the logo a bit more modern, and less delicate. I choose this font to start with since I thought it represented what a modern art nouveau typeface could look like.

Final Look

I picked colors that went from cool to warm referencing a really hot flame and the same colors I used in the poster. From far away the letters stand out while also looking unique.

Color/Look Exploration

I wanted the colors to look vibrant from far away and have a "root" look to them without making it hard to read as an icon on a phone screen.


Sentence Form

I took the font diavlo and added my letters from the logo in front of it. After adding some extra connections between some letters the whole sentence looked who

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