CONCEPT: HOW TO TEACH INNOVATION THROUGH A STORY: 

For my internship at Anthem I was tasked with creating an animation to help change anthem's culture while at the innovation studio. the animation bellow is the shorten version I made that is sharable without the logo. I made all the visual, audio, and wrote the script with some help with people along the way giving me feedback and valuable information. This animation shows the journey of a sphere representing alexander flemming telling the story of the creation of penicillin with a call to action at the end saying you are like alexander flemming and can create innovation. By telling a story with relatable and compelling characters and narratives I was hopefully able to engage the audience to listen and consider far more than with a power point. The reasoning behind picking penicillin was that it represents Anthems's definition of innovation while also correlating to healthcare. 



say hello to Alexander Flemming.


He was an innovator


One day he was sorting through petri dishes containing 

colonies of a bacteria that caused fatal infections


All of the dishes looked normal at First

But one dish had mold in it that secreted a substance

that was making the bacteria unable to grow


Instead of ignoring the outliers

he knew they had to be important. 


He was curious to get to know them better,

but he could not do it alone. 

He asked for the help of his assistants and they spread

the word and got others on the movement.


This team of creative minds found out how to make it 

into a lifesaving drug.


By banding together they made Penicillin.


Then Albert Alexander came along. Who was dying

 from an infected cut


They gave him penicillin and he recovered fast but he

 relapsed when they ran out


This failure did not stop the creative team.


They knew this could be used to create progress.

All they needed was to find an efficient way to produce more.


Despite the hardships they searched For support. 

A team with diverse backgrounds moved to the US and

they eventually found one person to support them

By having one person believing in their idea. It started a chain reaction.


They got funding,

the production increased,

and more people joined in the effort.

Their idea grew exponentially with the power of visionary thinking. All of them building their ideas upon the others to succeed.


This led to another chance of saving a life with Anne miller. 

Close to death. Her doctor got permission to use penicillin


In just one day it cured her.

She then lived another 57 years having three kids and a life that wouldn’t

have been possible without the innovation


After her it was used on soldiers in world war 2.

Allowing fathers, sons, and husbands to come home to loved ones


And this healing continued until it saved an uncountable amount of lives and it still is


It is used to build a better world


This is what happens when the curious mind pays attention to the outliers.

This is innovation


We are all Outliers banding together to build innovation


This is what we do at anthem.

The innovators of our company are all our employees no matter 

their place or role


You have innovative ideas.

You have the power to put similar creative ideas together.


say hello to you.


You are an innovator


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