CONCEPT: AN ABSTRACT EXPLORATION OF COLOR: 

This title sequence show the journey of the film through sections of color and geometric shapes. The movement of the piece would have a constant push in speed with the camera moving consistently forward into the center of the "doorways" of the tunnel sections. The tunnels starts with darkness gradating to colors of the sun and gold to represent the start of humanity. After there is a bright blue section representing technology. It references the shape of human eyes and Hal the robot to show that they are integrating. The blue transitioning to red to show technological corruption and obsession. Next is multicolor to show enlightenment to white/pale colors to represent rebirth. It ends in a dusk dark setting marking the end of the old human era. Each tunnel section is its own environment with unique movements and colors. A thing in common they all have is the vibrancy and organic nature in look. They also all have organic type grown onto the frame to match the surroundings. The title itself grows onto the screen with this organic nature to represent evolution, and how it is always changing.