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Digital Illustrations

Project Type | School Projects

Concept Name |  Isometric Ocean

This image is supposed to look like an underwater videogame. A scuba diver jumps off his boat and drops down to get the gold. This was made in illustrator.

Isometric Ocean copy.jpg
bug meeting.jpg
Coffee Bag Final.jpg

Concept Name |  The Secret Life of Animals

The secret life of animals shown through illustrator drawings.

paper doll pic.JPG

Concept Name |  Paper Sprite Doll

A printable fairy doll that could be played with by its moveable limbs. This was made in Illustrator and Photoshop.


Concept Name |  Finding Strength

This Drawing was based off my emotions of my first internship in Georgia. I was by myself for three months and had to find the strength to work while alone. I eventually became happy and made friends at work. This was made in Photoshop.

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