CONCEPT: REALITY and DELUSION/ TRUTH and LIES: 

Mirrored/upside down images form and transition to tell the sequence of a confusing and shifting world, referencing how non sequential Leonard’s world has become. Each frame depicts a transitional effect that represents how each scene in the movie is staggered and out of order. The frames have a powers of 10 movement from sky to polaroid to represent the exploration of truth. The last frame's polaroid has an image of the first frame to show how like leonard's memory it always resets. The frames reference photography of cyanotype, tin type, and polaroid. This references the Polaroid use in the film and how the texture and faded nature of that media is a good metaphor for memory. Typography and color will move out of the middle of the frame. Red for lies and blue for truth, Colors of the background will be subtle and gradually get more vibrant as the sequence reaches its' end. This is referencing the viewers feeling while watching the movie, and how by the end the viewer and leonard know what is a truth and what is a lie.