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C4D Paintings | The combination of 3D and Acrylic Paint

Project Type | Personal

Tools | Photoshop, Cinema4D, Zbrush, and After Effects

Concept Name | Emotions

 Feelings are the tangled beasts in our heads. Feelings are the specters that linger in hallways and haunt children's closets and beds. In my art, I explore emotional themes by combining realistic and natural imagery to express that which lacks a physical form. By choosing botanical and animalistic elements for inspiration, I am able to make unfamiliar life forms that explore familiar topics. Organic symbolism, a thorned vine puncturing a yonic fruit, or a flower bursting forth through entanglement, forms the language of safety, admiration, betrayal, and degradation.


I started with the idea of wanting to combine C4D and paint. I wanted to explore that concept by creating my own 3D models as references. After I had the paintings I wanted to bring the textures back into the program to add some realism to the program. To one day to have both versions side by side to juxtapose technology in person. To have a moving digital painting and a physical one.

My First Test:

 It took time for me to realize what would connect all the pieces. I finally landed on the idea of using this concept as a way for me to explore my feelings during the pandemic. This first painting representing the feeling of constriction.