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I wanted each letter to be different and Unique. Each had to feature something new for me to practice in Cinema4D, to be based off of an adjective, and have a different overall "look" compared to the others. I picked adjectives for each letter to start my brainstorming. I thought that a noun would be to spot on. I would be inclined to make an object the word represented. However an adjective would lead to things that were harder to represent. I wanted to challenge mysef in concept and technique. Perfect little loops all to be posted on my instagram to force myself to continue until the very end.

C4D + Paint

3D Design + Illustration + Modeling


I wanted to experiment with making modles in Zbrush to make references for some paintings. Testing out mixed media looks and how I could combine them to make an interesting collection of pieces 


Feelings are the tangled beasts in our heads. Feelings are the specters that linger in hallways and haunt children's closets and beds. In my art, I explore emotional themes by combining realistic and natural imagery to express that which lacks a physical form. By choosing botanical and animalistic elements for inspiration, I am able to make unfamiliar life forms that explore familiar topics. Organic symbolism, a thorned vine puncturing a yonic fruit, or a flower bursting forth through entanglement, forms the language of safety, admiration, betrayal, and degradation. 


Personal project


Motion Designer, Animator, and Painter


Paintings and Renders



Cinema4D, acrylic paint, Photoshop, ZBrush, Redshift, and After Effects

Other Projects to Explore

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