Everyone looks at the world differently. I see the world as constant inspiration. When I look at objects and scenery, I see ideas.
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I have a longing to create. I enjoy creating what someone describes to me. I take what they can only visualize, and I make it a reality for them. That is why I want to work as a designer; to have the opportunity to work with people and to put imagination into physical form.


When someone describes what they want in an artwork, it is brought to life in my mind. I can see where I want to place different elements, what mediums I want to use, and the colors that will match the overall mood of the picture. After seeing it in my head I then execute it. Whether that artwork be a poster, animation, illustration, or painting. 


When I complete a picture I have an overwhelming satisfaction. A sense of joy, like no other, comes from giving my art to someone and having it make them smile. Art is what I want to do because it also gives me happiness and purpose. It lets me impact a person's life positively. The art brings joy to their lives, if even for just a moment.