A 3D Animation Journey 

Cinema 4d Animation

                                                   CONCEPT: The Journey from fear, to hope, to success

The first section of the triad represents my high school self and my stage fright. It should tell the story of how I would avoid putting myself in interactions that involved people looking at me. I would shake and a rare occasion I cried in front of class.The second stage represents my year off from high school and my first year in college. I was able to start growing because I was determined to become more confident. I did not want to be held back.The third phase represents today. I am still growing, but I have done things that would make my high school self shocked. I look back and feel like that is not even me. I have become a TA, moved across the country by myself for an internship, and I can actually enjoy raising my hand in class. Discussions are fun and the fear of something new can excite me.  

Song: Manifest by Andrew Bird